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International conference “Agricultural and rural life museums as conservers of rural heritage and their role in the development of international tourism” took place during 26-30th of June in Tartu, Estonia. The conference was organized by Estonian Agricultural Museum and supported by Enterprise Estonia and European Regional Development Fund. The conference was awarded Estonian Museums´ Annual Prize 2013 in the category of science events.

Estonia is an amazing place of natural beauty and steeped colourful history. Geographically, Estonia is on north-eastern edge of the European Union, bordering Russia and Latvia.

Estonian Agricultural Museum, founded in 1968, is situated near Tartu in the beautiful area of the former Ülenurme Manor. The museum explores every aspect of Estonian agriculture, from the olddays of hand plows to modern horticulture. The museum acts as a versatile centre of rural culture. Exhibition development, educational programme renewing, systematic collection and structural renovation ensure that the museum is growing and moving forward all the time.

Statement of Estonian Agricultural Museum´s director Merli Sild

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During the conference Estonian Agricultural Museum hosted Presidium meetings and Extraordinary General Assembly of International Association of Agricultural Museums (AIMA).